Tyre Research, Testing & Certification

We are fully equipped with truly world class facilities for testing of 2/3 wheeler, passenger car and commercial vehicle tyres as per National and International standards.

Type Approval Certifiate as per CMVR / AIS 037

To extend the services to tyre manufacturers and automotive OEM’s, Centre of Excellence for Tyre Research, Testing and Certification is now notified under Rule 124 of CMVR for type approval certification of tyres and other rubber components by Ministry of Road Transport and highways, Government of India w.e.f 15th March 2017.

Candidate Laboratory Status for Rolling Resistance Measurement as per ECE R117

Centre of Excellence for Tyre Research, Testing and Certification has got the status of candidate laboratory Alignment for rolling resistance measurements as per Regulation (EC) 1235/2011 and 1222/2009 and test procedure described in ECE Regulation No. 117 w.r.t 15th May 2018.

This alignment has made this centre to become the First Aligned India Govt. Test Agency for measurement of rolling resistance of the all three  category of tyres (C1,C2,C3) as per ECE R117.

Tyre Research Facilities

Tyre Testing Standards

Tyre Related Tests

Passenger / Light Truck Tyre Endurance Machine:

Rolling Resistance Machine

Truck Tyre Endurance Machine:

Tyre Shearography Machine

Universal Testing Machine

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