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Research papers

1. Debdipta Basu, Airit Agasty, Amit Das, Santanu Chattopadhyay, Puspendu Sahu, Gert Heinrich. “Phase changing stearate ions as active fillers in multifunctional carboxylated acrylonitrile–butadiene composite: Exploring the role of zinc stearate”. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, vol. 137, pp.-48271,2020.

 2. Debdipta Basu, Shib Shankar Banerjee, Subhas Chandra Debnath, Mikhail Malanin, Lyaysan Amirova, Philippe Dubois, Gert Heinrich, Amit Das. “Unusual low temperature relaxation behavior of crosslinked acrylonitrile-butadiene co-polymer”. Polymer, vol. 212, issue-6, pp.- 123309, 2020.



Research papers

  1. Singh Dharamveer, Harsh Patel, Ayyanna Habal, Aditya Kumar Das, Bharat P. Kapgate, and Kasilingam Rajkumar. “Evolution of coefficient of friction between tire and pavement under wet conditions using surface free energy technique.” Construction and Building Materials,Vol. 204 , pp. 105-112,2019
  2. Das Chayan, Naresh D. Bansod, Bharat P. Kapgate, K. Rajkumar, and Amit Das. “Incorporation of titania nanoparticles in elastomer matrix to develop highly reinforced multifunctional solution styrene butadiene rubber composites.” Polymer , Vol.162 , pp.1-10, 2019
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Research papers

  1. Bansod, Naresh D., Bharat P. Kapgate, Pradip K. Maji, Anasuya Bandyopadhyay, and Chayan Das. “FUNCTIONALIZATION OF EPDM RUBBER TOWARD BETTER SILICA DISPERSION AND REINFORCEMENT.” Rubber Chemistry and Technology ,, 2018


Research papers

  1. Manohar, N., J. Jayaramudu, S. Suchismita, K. Rajkumar, A. Babul Reddy, E. R. Sadiku, R. Priti, and D. J. Maurya. “A unique application of the second order derivative of FTIR–ATR spectra for compositional analyses of natural rubber and polychloroprene rubber and their blends.” Polymer Testing , Vol.62, pp. 447-453,2017
  2. Sagar, M., K. Nibedita, N. Manohar, K. Raj Kumar, S. Suchismita, A. Pradnyesh, A. Babul Reddy et al. “A potential utilization of end-of-life tyres as recycled carbon black in EPDM rubber.” Waste management , Vol.74 , pp110-122,2018  
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Books published

  1. Manjula, B., Reddy, A. B., Sadiku, E. R., Sivanjineyulu, V., Molelekwa, G. F., Jayaramudu, J., & Kumar, K. R. Use of polyolefins in hygienic applications In Polyolefin Fibres (Second Edition) 539-560 , 2017
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Research papers

  1. Characterization naturally woven Hildegardia fabric reinforced soy protein isolate biodegradable composites: Reddy, J. P., Jayaramudu, J., Reddy, K. O., Rajulu, A. V. Bulletin of Trends in Chemical Sciences,Vol 1,pp. 1-8. (2016).
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Research papers

  1. Suryatal, B., Phakatkar, H., Rajkumar, K., & Thavamani, P. (2015). “Fatigue Life Estimation of an Elastomeric Pad by ε-N Curve and FEA”  Journal of Surface Engineered Materials and Advanced Technology,Vol. 5 Issue 02, pp.85, 2015
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     Research papers

  1. Rajkumar, K., Chandresh, D., Thavamani, P., Pazhanisamy, P., & Jeyanthi, P. “Physico-mechanical and Thermal properties of Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber based polymer Nano silica composites”,2014
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Rajkumar, K., Ranjan, P.,.Pillai, L.R., Thavamani,  P.,  Jeyanthi, P., Pazhanisamy, P. “Effect of DOP as dispersion medium on MMT- nano Clay in NBR polymer matrix” , Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.4 Issue 2, pp.29-32,2014

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Research papers

  1. Rajkumar, K., Thavamani, P., Jeyanthi, P., & Pazhanisamy, P. “Mechanical, thermal, electrical and morphology characterization of ethylene propylene diene monomer-nanoclay composites” Chem Sci Trans, Vol.2,pp. 1042-1048,2013
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     Research papers

  1. Rajkumar, K., Kumari, N., Ranjith, P., Chakraborty, S. K., Thavamani, P., Pazhanisamy, P., Jeyanthi, P. “High temperature resistance properties of NBR based polymer nanocomposites” International Journal of Chemtech Research, Vol.3, pp.1343-1348, 2011
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 Research papers

  1. Rajkumar, K., Ranjith, P. Thavamani, P. “Modified Coconut pith – A novel Rubber Additive for Rubber Industry”, Rubchem Review, Jul-Aug, pp.39-44 2010.


      Research papers

  1. Rajkumar, K., Chaudhury, P. R., Chakraborty, S. “An Overview of Environmental Issues for Rubber Industries”, Chemical engineering world, Vol.44, 71-73.


Research papers

  1. Rajkumar, Chandran, S., Bhuyan, B. “Application of FEA Concepts in Rubber Product Design – A General Approach with a Case study”, Rubchem Review, Sept-Oct, pp.39-43, 2008
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