Large Scale Surveys

Large Scale Surveys


  • Conduct of Nationwide and large scale surveys are a particular forte of IRMRA. In addition to a number of telephone survey techniques, IRMRA is able to provide the more statistically rigorous face-to-face, door to door sample survey method. In fact, IRMRA is one of only a few research companies in India with full capability for face-to-face nationwide surveys.

  • Our competence lies in administering surveys demanding a comprehensive sample size and coverage areas in terms of geographical territories. Our network of field supervisors, investigators and executives lends us adequate leverage to handle a study consisting of a sample size of any magnitude which can be achieved as per the time frame set by the client.

  • It will be our pleasure to send our representative to meet you and discuss such opportunities that may exist with your organization where IRMRA may be actively involved.


Some features of these types of surveys are:
  • Known probability sample design enabling reliable estimates to be made of population behaviour.
  • Coverage of any geographical area or groups of areas down to meshblock level.
  • Face-to-face interviewing of respondents in their homes.
  • Full quality assurance including minimum 10% auditing of interviewers work.

Our network is also based in remote areas where mobility and access often poses as hindrances to smooth data collection. In a nutshell, our strength lies in the following:
  • Strong in team in terms of numbers
  • Extensive reach in terms of penetration
  • Qualified field investigators with rich experience
  • Tie ups with qualified field agencies for contingency recruitment
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