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Who's Who

Dr. K. Rajkumar Director i/c
Management Head 8655095342 rk@irmra.org
Dr. Rupesh Rohan Assistant Director South Centre Head, Training & Academics 8291404906 rr@irmra.org
Dr. Debdipta Basu Assistant Director East Centre Head 8291404819 db@irmra.org
Mr. T. V. Sethumadhavan Assistant Director Project 7045092973 sm@irmra.org
Mrs. Suchismita Sahoo Assistant Director Non Tyre Testing 9820777586 ss@irmra.org
Dr. Bharat Kapgate Assistant Director Director secretariat,  QMS, Corporate Affairs 7045094524 bk@irmra.org
Mr. Prashant Bankar Sr. Officer
(Sricity Site Development) 9324732034 pb@irmra.org
Mr. N. A. Phondke Senior Officer CSC 7506367292 nap@irmra.org
Mr. Manohar Nawale Sr. Scientific Officer Chemical 9833874544 mn@irmra.org
Mr. Sachin Barve Sr. Scientific Officer Tyre 9820141880 sb@irmra.org
Mr.Hemant Khairnar Assistant Finance Officer B Accounts 9987598565 hrk@irmra.org
Mr. Gnana Sandeep S. R Sr. Scientific Officer South Centre 9845946464 gs@irmra.org
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