Material Testing Lab - Chemical / Thermal Tests
Material Testing Lab - Physical / Mechanical / Dynamic Tests
Testing Facilities
Material Testing Lab - Physical / Mechanical / Dynamic Tests
Rheometer R100 High Voltage Test upto 40 KV
Mooney Viscometer De-Mattia Flexing
Rubber Process Analyzer RPA 2000 Ross Flexing Machine
Wallace Rapid Plastimeter Ozone Chamber
Hardness Test (Shore A/Shore D) Goodrich Flexometer
Micro Hardness Drum Friction Test (For Belt)
IRHD (Dead Load Hardness Tester) Scott Flex Test (For Belt)
Universal Testing Machine Stress Relaxo meter
Instron with video Extensive meter Oxygen/Air Bomb Tester
Zwick Universal Testing Machine– 500 KG capacity Air/Gas Permeability Tester
Star Universal Testing Machine – 10000 Kg capacity Gamma Chamber
DIN Abrader Profile Projector
Plastic Abrader Humidity Chamber
Foam Abrader Dynamic Mechanical Analyser
Dunlop Tripsometer Servo Hydraulic Machine
is a torque transducer. It ’ s basically used for determining the cure time of rubber compounds. To be very precise, it gives optimum cure time (t90) and scorch time (ts2) at a fixed temperature in the range of 140 to 180° C, 150° being the most common one. Optimum cure time (t90) is calculated from the maximum (MH) and minimum (ML) torque encountered during the test.
Rubber Processing Analyser
The RPA meets the full range of testing requirements of the complete manufacturing process:
Incoming polymer characterization
Incoming raw material test
Master batch testing
Final compound testing
Cured compound testing
The RPA measures the viscoelastic properties of polymers and elastomeric compounds providing comprehensive data on key parameters such as: Processability , Cure characteristics , Final cured properties.
Mooney Viscometer
Test Method: ASTM D 1646
The rotor turns at a constant rate (2 rpm) inside a closed cavity containing the test piece so that a shearing action takes place between the flat surfaces of the rotor and the walls of the chamber.
ML 1+4 at 100° C / 125° C
ML 1+8 at 100° C / 125° C (e.g Butyl Rubber)
Instron UTM with Video Extensometer
UTM followed by the video extensometer & computer.
For determining the stress-strain properties in tension of rubber, plastics & products.
Zwick Tensile Tester
UTM followed by the video extensometer & computer.
For determining the stress-strain properties in tension of rubber, plastics & products.
Star Tensile Tester
Air / Gas Permeability Tester
This test is used to assess the quality of auto tubes. The natural rubber and butyl rubber tubes show lots of difference in air permeability.
The EPDM rubber 10 to 20 parts is blended with Butyl rubber to increase the dynamic splice life and to increase the productivity.
The test piece shall be a disc of uniform thickness may be between 0.25 mm to 4 mm
The minimum time between vulcanization and testing shall be 16 hrs.
It measures A.R.I, Volume loss & weight loss.
This test is used to demonstrate /correlate the mileage of tyre tread samples. This test also used to characterize the carbon black and classification of fillers as reinforcing, semi/ non reinforcing type purposes.
Dynamic Mechanical Analyser (DMA)
Force Range - 150 N to +150 N
Frequency Range - 0.001 Hz to 1000 Hz
Temperature Range - 150°C to +450°C
Mode of Testing:
  1. Tension & compression
  2. Shear & annular Shear
  3. 3Pt bend fixture
Determination of Loss Modulus, Storage Modulus, Complex Modulus, Loss factor, Loss Angle, Stiffness & vicosity. Use industry- Rubber, Plastic , Composite, Fibre, Adhesive etc.
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