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RMRA has well equipped infrastructure for Research and product development. Product developmentfacility includes Injection Molding Machines, Vacuum Compression Moulding Press, Banbury Mixer, Different size Two Roll Mills, Hydraulic Presses, Servo hydraulic Machine etc.

Reverse Engineering and testing facilities available at non tyre testing department is used for quality control, product testing, and validation purposes.

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Mohammad Anis

Assistant Director & Head
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Gnana Sandeep

Senior Scientific Officer
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Jayram Shetty

Jr. Scientific Officer
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Rajendra More

Sr. CNC Machine Operator

The team regularly visits to existing and potential customers for expanding / generating new business opportunities. The new business opportunities in areas of expertise like testing, training, consultancy and product development are explored by the team duly supported by the other departmental heads. This centre attends to all the types of business queries related to IRMRA activities

■ Development of Polymer Booting (sponsored by M/s. BARC, Mumbai).

■ Development of Rubber and Lead-Rubber Bearing for Seismic application for BARC .

■ Development of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) (sponsored by M/s. BRNS) .

■ Use of Electron Beam Radiations in Rubber Products especially Tyres, Belts etc – BRNS, BARC .

■ Development of Pneumatic Mount (sponsored by Ministry of Defence).

■ Development of Rubber staves for Navy, Vizag .

■ Design and Development of acoustic Rubber Tiles for HQ ATVP, Navy, Govt. of India.

■ Failure Analysis of Phosphoric Acid Tank lining compound for RCF (Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd.), Govt. of India.

■ Devlopment of pneumatic fender (tube less) for Navy, Mumbai.

■ Ageing studies on rubber compound and elastomer isolator to estimate the life of bearings using Arrhenius Model (MOU with BARC) .

■ Development of Rubber compound (material development) sample having chemical resistance to Tributyl Phospate and n-Do-decane (30/70 v/v). sponsored by Indira Gandhi Centre For Atomic Research, Government of India, Department of Atomic Energy, Kalpakkam .

■ Development of a special elastomeric compound material suitable for Nuclear Power plants to work in high temperature and pressure.

■ Development of Master Slave Manipulator M-8.

■ Development of rubber Gauntlet for nuclear application

■ Vulcanizing of Arming Device holder for Defense Sector.

■ Waste Utilisation of tyre crump in different application (sponsored by DST, Govt. of India).

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