HRD & Outreach Programme
Training & HRD Activities
  Request for skill development training programme at IRMRA
  Yearly 6 to 10 training courses on various aspects of Rubber Technology.
Advanced course on rubber Product Development & Testing
  Reverse Engineering & Life Prediction of Rubber Products.
  Workshop on Test Standards , Physical & Chemical Testing of specialty rubber products.
  Processing, Physical and Chemical Testing of Thermoplastic Elastomers.
  Development & Testing of Composite Materials
  Designing of Compound & Processes of Moulded & Extruded Rubber Products
  Appreciation to Rubber Technology with Special reference to Extruded Products
  Recent advancement in Rubber technology and testing of rubber products
Black Nano filler and their Industrial Applications
  Selection of Rubber and their Additives for improved storage & service life of Rubber Products
  Application of Electron Beam Technology in Rubber
  Effect of compatibilizer on the Micro structure, Mechanical properties of EPR/PP hybrid Nanoclay Thermoplastic Vulcanizates
  Rubber Dam- A novel approach for Control of Water flow in Watershed Management for agricultural growth in our Country
  Synthesis and application of white nano filler for environment friendly rubber products
  Bonding Evaluation of Technical Textile with Natural Rubber for Rubber Dam Application
  The effect of chemically modified aromatic oil in Polychloroprene Rubber Compounding as a plasticizer and comparative studies with Ester type plasticizers
  Future Materials for Technologies
  Application of FEA Concepts in Rubber Product Design – A General Approach with a Case study
  Preparation and characterization of EPR/PP based nano-composites
  An overview of Environmental related issues for Rubber Industries
  Partial replacement of Carbon Black with White Filler for Rubber Composites
  New Process of Optimizing Silanization Reaction in SBR Matrix
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