Members List
List of Lifetime Members List of Annual Members
List of Lifetime Members
Sr. No. Name of Organization
1. A G G Exports
2. Agarwal Rubber Ltd.
3. Apollo Tyres Ltd.
4. Birla Tyres
5. Braza Tyres Pvt. Ltd.
6. Ceat Ltd.
7. Cheng Shin Rubber Ind. Co. Ltd.
8. Continental Automotive Components Pvt. Ltd.
9. Dow Chemicals International Pvt. Ltd.
10. Emrald Resilient Tyre Mfrs Pvt. Ltd.
11. Era Global Standards Certification
12. Exel Rubber Limited
13. Flacon Tyres Ltd.
14. Goodyear Tyres
15. Guangzhou Pearl River Rubber Tyre Ltd.
16. Indo China Implex
17. Innovative Tyres & Tubes
18. J K Tyres & Industries Ltd.
19. Kabeer Components Pvt. Ltd.
20. M R F Ltd.
21. Malhotra Rubbers Ltd.
22. Michelin India Tyres Pvt. Ltd.
23. Motiba Silicone Pvt. Ltd.
24. Mysore Polymers & Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd.
25. Nandi Tyres Pvt. Ltd.
26. Pirelli Tyre
27. Ram Lubhaya and Sons
28. Super King Mfrs (Tyre) Pvt. Ltd.
29. Wabco TVS (India) Ltd.
30. Yokohama India Pvt. Ltd.
List of Annual Members
Sr. No. Name of Organization Valid Till
1. Brahans Polymers 1-Jan-14
2. Katson Polymers 27-Jan-14
3. Filtrum Polymers Pvt. Ltd. (Pune) 26-Feb-14
4. Hawkins Cookers Limited (Thane) 17-Feb-14
5. The Rubber Range, (Mumbai) 6-Feb-14
6. Eastern Threads Ltd. (Kochi) 7-Feb-14
7. Poddar Tyres & Rubbers 4-Feb-14
8. R M Exports 4-Feb-14
9. Polyhose India (Rubber) Pvt. Ltd. 3-Mar-14
10. Joseph Leslie Dynamiks Mfg Pvt. Ltd. 27-Mar-14
11. Prabhat Elastomers Pvt. Ltd. 3-Apr-14
12. Toja Tyre And Treads Pvt. Ltd. 25-May-14
13. Triveni Rubber (Thane) 19-May-14
14. Lathia Rubber Mfg Co. Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai) 28-May-14
15. Ptfe Rubber Works 28-May-14
16. Vako Seals 9-Jun-14
17. Syndicate Wiper Systems 13-Jun-14
18. Shriram Rubber Products 12-Jun-14
19. Mansons Automotive Rubber Pvt. Ltd. 18-Jun-13
20. Kantilal Chhotalal & Co. 23-Jun-14
21. Royal Carbon Black Pvt. Ltd. 19-Jun-14
22. Camata Enterprises Mumbai 11-Jul-13
23. Juggernaut Auto Industries 23-Jul-13
24. Polybond India Pvt. Ltd. (Pune) 25-Jul-13
25. Precision Rubber Industries (Mumbai) 11-Jul-13
26. T.M.Tyres Timited 08-Aug-13
27. Bhavick Enterprises 30-Aug-13
28. Choksey Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. - Mumbai 13-Aug-13
29. Divekar Wallstabe and Schneider Precision Seals Pvt. Ltd. 28-Aug-13
30. Jayashree Rubber  Industries 27-Aug-13
31. kantilal Chotal & Company 30-Aug-13
32. kross International 22-Aug-13
33. Newage Fire Protection Inds Pvt. Ltd. 8-Aug-13
34. Scorpion Industrial Polymers P. L. (Chennai) 12-Aug-13
35. United  Rubber Industries (I) Pvt Ltd (Mumbai) 18-Aug-13
36. Basant Rubber Factory Ltd. 13-Sep-13
37. Cikautxo Taurus Flexibles Pvt. Ltd. 14-Sep-13
38. Eri-Tech Ltd. 11-Sep-13
39. G G Tyres and Tubes (P) Ltd. ( Andhra Pradesh) 25-Sep-13
40. Hind Elastomers Pvt. Ltd. (Navi Mumbai) 24-Sep-13
41. Rane Elastomer Processors (Mumbai) 19-Sep-13
42. Royal Plastic Ind. Pvt.Ltd (Mumbai) 19-Sep-13
43. Zenith Industrial Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd. 13-Sep-13
44. Amey Dichem Pvt. Ltd. 11-Oct-13
45. Dhanothia Rubbers Pvt. Ltd. 3-Oct-13
46. Indian Rubber Roducts 11-Oct-13
47. Kurwa Rubber & Valves 4-Oct-13
48. Maxan Corporation Pvt. Ltd. 3-Oct-13
49. National Rubber Factory (Jaipur) 3-Oct-13
50. S V Rubber Industries 3-Oct-13
51. Thejo Engineering Ltd. 5-Oct-13
52 Valvanje Crumb Rubber LLP 19-Oct-13
53. Raksha Polycoats 27-Jan-14
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