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IRMRA Library and Information Centre
IRMRA library pioneers in providing information services at the user's desktops through Intranet/Internet by e-mail/Intramail. Equipped with high performance systems, a pond of information resources, the library gives better services to its patrons.

IRMRA Library Service offers a wide range of services and resources. Library and Information Centre is a vital link between IRMRA and the beneficiaries. IRMRA Library has setup a sophisticated Library and Information Centre. We recommend you visit us and talk to our friendly staff.

Library Hours
Monday - Friday : 9 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.

Holiday : Saturday and Sunday

Library Policies and Rules

Photocopying of document is fully restricted.

Loan Limits
As prescribed by the Library Policies.

Period of Loan
Items are generally borrowed for a period of One week. If you wish to borrow items for longer period, please ask the library staff when borrowing.

If you cannot return the items by the due date, you can renew your loan over the phone in person. Items which have been reserved by other borrowers cannot be renewed. Overdue fines are charged at the rate of 10 cents per item per day.

Items borrowed from the Library may be returned should be returned in the stipulated time. If you require assistance or more information, the library staff will be pleased to help you.

IRMRA Library is situated on the Second Floor of the adjacent building to Administrative Block.

IRMRA has setup a sophisticated Library and Information Centre which has a huge collection of over 5000 documents including Books, Standards, Current Journals, Articles, e-resources, CD-ROM Databases, Patents information, Technical Manuals, Annual Reports, Audio-Visual Materials, IRMRA Publications, Conference Proceedings, Technical Literature, Bound Volumes, Newsletters, Brochures and other information materials.

Special Collections
1. Newspaper Clippings
2. E-resources

Individual Collections
Mr. W. G. Desai Collections : donated his entire collections on Rubber related books and Manuscripts, etc. to the Library.

IRMRA Library Services has items including books, videos, CD'S, magazine titles, daily newspapers, large print materials, literacy resources, access to books in comprehensive reference.

Some of the services offered include:

1. Reading Services :
The Library extends reading facilities to all Scientists, Customers, Training Participants, Project Trainees, etc. Researchers also get borrowing facilities. Membership is extended to other Industries too, if they so desire.

2. Bibliographic Services :
This service is provided by the library staff includes monthly list of new additions to the library, contents pages service (of periodicals), monthly update, reference service, referral service (directing users to sources outside the library), CD-ROM search and Internet Search services.

3. Current Awareness Service (CAS) :
a. New Arrivals Alert Service :
Library Staff Provides "New Arrivals Alert" service to all the users, which notifies about the newly procured documents in the library.

b. Information Services :
Information required by the users will be provided directly to their desktop to save their time.

  • CD-ROM Services
  • Standards, etc.
  • Over Telephone

c. News Update :
Library staff searches Online Newspapers information and sending the copy of article through e-mail to the Director and other Users.

d. Miscellaneous :

  • Informative notes from the Internet
  • Conference Alert
  • Articles Alert
  • Notification of e-articles downloaded

4. Contents-Alert

  • Contents of Standards are scanned and converted to PDF and stored on shared Library Drive for internal users to refer the content pages of the same from their desktop.
  • Photocopy of Journal's Contents, making PDF and distributing to internal users as e-mail attachment.

5. Newspaper Scanning Clipping
Newspaper scanning, Marking, cutting and filing of interested articles and notifying to the users through Intrachat / Intramail.

6. Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)
Collecting all users' area of interests and downloading the articles and other information and stored in the shared Library Drive under different Directories of users for accessing and notified accordingly.

7. Library Orientation
Library Orientation will be given to all the internal staff, Training Participants and other which helps to know the information related to rubber and allied products and also

  • About The Library
  • Its information services, functions, activities, etc.
  • Accessing of e-journals, CD-ROM database, etc.
  • Information Searching thro' popular websites

8. e-Journal Access
Library is subscribing to Rubber Chemistry and Technology e-Journal and started downloading of e-articles and providing to all as per the users' interests.

9. Net Browsing

  • Information Searching for e-Sources.
  • Downloading of the e-Journal articles.
  • Sending e-mails to the publishers requesting for the latest catalogues and other informative brochures.

10. Reference Service

  • Handling reference queries over e-mail for both IRMRA staff as well as outside institute members.
  • Helping outside institute members by providing information over e-mail about the addresses of the vendors or any other requested information.

11. Referral Service
This service is directing users to sources outside the library Providing both to IRMRA Staff as well as other Institutional Members through Intranet, E-mail.

12. Internet and Computer Services


1. IRMRA Quarterly Newsletter

2. e-newsletters

Internal Membership
Membership is free to all internal members. All that is required is Borrowers Card.

Visitor Membership
Visitors or temporary users are welcome to join the Library Service as Temporary Members. A refundable deposit of Rs.1000.00 is charged. The deposit will be refunded when the membership is cancelled (upon presentation of the receipt).

A membership card will be issued on joining - please be sure to bring it with you when you visit the Library.

Useful Links

Indian Sites :
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All India Rubber Industries Association

International Sites :
Rubber Division
Rapra Technology
Rubber Manufacturers Association

British Rubber Manufacturers Association Ltd.
International Rubber Study Group

Contact Details
The Library In charge
IRMRA Library
PLOT No. B-88, ROAD No. 24 / U-2,

Phone : +91- 22 - 25811348 / 25803753
Facsimile : +91 - 22 - 25823910
E-mail :

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