1. What is IRMRA?
Ans. IRMRA, popularly known as Indian Rubber Manufacturers Research Association, is an autonomous body affiliated to Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India.
2. What is its main activities?
Ans. Its main activity can be divided into four areas :-
1. Testing
2. Research & Consultancy
3. Training
4. Product Development.
3. Do IRMRA have accreditation of ISO/BIS?
Ans. Yes, IRMRA is accredited by ISO, BIS, DGMS and defence organisation.
4. Is the test certificate acceptable by Govt. Organisation?
Ans. Test certificates are accepted by all Govt. agencies and renowned Industry.
5. Who can avail the facility of IRMRA?
Ans. Any Industry dealing with rubber parts can avail the facility on nominal charge basis.
6. We are interested to know the type of rubber in an unknown product :- can IRMRA test it?
Ans. Yes, IRMRA can identify the type of rubber, both by chemical and FTIR techniques.
7. What is the limitation of Polymer identification by Chemical testing over FTIR?
Ans. Chemical testing cannot identify the blend of two rubbers and also it is applicable mostly for VIRGIN Polymer.
8. How can we find out the carbon content in rubber product?
Ans. We can find out the carbon black filler content in rubber product by Thermogravimetric Analyser (TGA). Slow healing by programmed system degrade the organic ingredients under Inert conditions. But carbon degrade only undue oxygen/air atmosphere.
9. Can it be possible to find the proportion of different rubbers used in a product, if Yes, then how?
Ans. Different rubber blend ration can also be determined by TGA. But this need controlled heating and special programme.
10. What is oil resistance Rubber and why it is oil resistance?
Ans. Nitrile, VITON, Neoprene etc are oil resistance rubber. Pressure of polar group in the monomer makes these rubber oil resistances.
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