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The Centre is engaged in Testing and Certification of Automotive Tyres received from the various national and international tyre manufacturers, automotive OEMs, Customs, BIS, SRTUs, Industrial sectors. Since its inception more than 3000 different tyre sizes have been tested for more than 100 customers worldwide.

The centre is presently equipped with facilities for testing of 2/3 wheeler, passenger car and commercial vehicle tyres as per National and International Standards. The available test facilities include High Speed Performance Test, Endurance Test of different capacities, Plunger Test, Bead Unseating Test, Dynamic Growth test, Stiffness and Digital Footprint Measurement.

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Niteesh K. Shukla

Assistant Director & Head
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Sachin A. Barve

Sr. Scientific Officer/SH
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Deepak Tayde

Jr. Technical Officer
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Sushant Patil

Jr. Technical Officer

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Research and Failure Investigation:-

Apart from testing, the centre is also equipped with facilities such as Tyre Shearography machine, Rolling Resistance Machine, Footprint and Stiffness Measurement Equipment, Tyre Cutting machine for pursuing the research on tyre technology, tyre materials and Failure Investigation of Automobile and Military Aircraft Tyres. This centre has successfully completed 03 nos of defect investigations of Military Aircraft tyres received from various Indian Air Force Stations.

Unique Tyre Rolling Resistance:-

The Rolling Resistance test facility available with this Centre is being utilized by major automotive OEMs and leading tyre manufacturers in order to demonstrate the fuel efficiency of their tyres used in automotive vehicles. Looking at the national importance with respect to fuel economy, this Centre is also engaged in studying the rolling resistance values of passenger Car and commercial vehicle tyres.


Being a member of Transport Engineering Department (TED7), BIS, IRMRA has taken active role in improving the existing standards through this study on Rolling Resistance and sharing the data with the committee members of TED7, to incorporate this parameter in the relevant standards in line with international standards.

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