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Latex condoms:made from latex rubber, comes from the sap of hevea brasiliensis treemost commonprevents STD (sexually transmitted disease) of all kindshighly elastic and durableoil based lubricants damage latex condoms (water based lubricants best)Pregnancy rates after perfect use is 2%Protects against ‘genital herpes’, ‘human papillomavirus’ (HPV), syphilisCondoms are usually made of Latex. And good thing about latex is that it can be produced in thin sheets and also it can stretch a lot without tearing apart. But Latex has a tendency to react to heat and friction. And under situations it may fail, so all these situations make it necessary to test the condoms covering all aspect.Models of condom testing:Since condoms come with various limitations, there is not one but many models for testing of condom. IRMRA specialize in physical model.Physical modelStretch / tensile test (IS 5382) – in this method a band is sliced from the shaft of the condom…

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